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Malte Stöckert takes the reader on a journey to the daily challenges of a middle manager and his team in a manufacturing company.

You will get to know Thomas on this trip. He is faced with seemingly unsolvable tasks and feels caught in a conflict of values that repeatedly causes him to doubt himself and the task. Accompany Thomas on the way to examine and reflect on your own world view. Ultimately, Thomas keeps asking himself what the point of it all is.

A question that people in the German medium-sized economy are obviously asking themselves more and more often. The relevance of this work in an entrepreneurial context becomes impressively clear in these passages of the book. Manager Thomas develops his own approach over the course of the game. He experiences the dimensions of his actions and understands what it really means to take responsibility for himself and his team. He learns how to deal with conflict situations and also understands emotionally which tasks he has to solve.

A must for any middle manager who feels driven, rushed and sometimes even superfluous. An appeal and a call for a fact-based discussion, a deep examination of oneself and the acceptance of leadership. Things that are taught far too rarely in our educational institutions.

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